The AlDub Effect Part 2: Seven Reasons Why the Kalyeserye Still Gets Me Hooked

I used to be one of those skeptics who thought that AlDub is just a fad. During its first week at the least. Looking back, it could have been my only regret in life should I had not taken the chance to watch it for the first time (more about it in part 1 of my blog). So I am just so glad that I did. Since that day, I can’t seem to get enough of it. It was just soooooo addicting; and it’s the kind of addiction that I would never want to get away from. I ask myself, … Continue reading The AlDub Effect Part 2: Seven Reasons Why the Kalyeserye Still Gets Me Hooked

Of Dreams and Discernments

I have been discerning for two months now,  ever since I failed in my last attempt to get into my dream law school which I took as a sign that maybe, just maybe God is leading me to another path. But I can never tell what’s in store in the future. To be honest, up to this point, I still do not know where I am going. All I know is that I am staring at this wonderful light where Jesus invites me to come. I do not know where the light is gonna lead me, but I am definitely following … Continue reading Of Dreams and Discernments

The AlDub Effect: A Fan’s point of view

No doubt, I have been bitten by the AlDub Fever (or MaiDen fever para mas kilig hihi). Watching their vids (on replay) has become my habit for three weeks now. It was on the first weeksary of AlDub that I first heard of them from my cousins who are long-time Eat Bulaga/ Kapuso fans. I shrugged it off, as I thought it was just another topic on social media that went trending. The last (and only) local television show I watched this year was Forevermore (on Iwantv btw, LizQuen fan here!), and other series I usually watch over the net are … Continue reading The AlDub Effect: A Fan’s point of view

What does it take?

What does it take to walk in faith? What does it take to love? What does it take to succeed? Loving your failures means accepting yourself. Accepting your reality, your present. And believing that the future is always better than today. So what does it take to walk in faith? What does it take to become an instrument of God’s love? Is God testing me, or my loyalty to Him? I do not know. But what is for sure is that He loves me more than I even loved myself. In fact He knows that I hate myself for so … Continue reading What does it take?

Here. Now.

Today, I am starting over. It took me a very long while, but here I am. Getting myself into writing again. I went to hiatus for over a year, and I almost entirely quit writing. I felt like I can’t trust anyone with my thoughts and feelings anymore. It just felt so different-in the more ‘I am so weird’ way. Truth is, I am too tired to live-  exhausted to see insincerity and mediocrity of people who only want to serve themselves. How am I supposed to go on broken? Will I ever be back on track again? Continue reading Here. Now.