Blurry sky

Have you ever felt it? Like you want to be with somebody badly, and wish to spend every freaking time with that person yet you can’t? No I’m not talking about the distance here. I’m not even talking about the lack of time.  You can’t be with him because you might be at the losing end of this battle. You might be fighting alone. He might not feel strongly for you the way you do for him.  You can’t be with him because life broke you and you don’t want him to do the fixing. You want to fix yourself.  … Continue reading Blurry sky

Getting there

Dear one, More than a year ago I wrote my last post about you on my old blog. But it seems that this one is really the final one.  Been thinking a lot about you lately, especially since you first messaged me last month after losing contact in the last 3 years.  Recently I’ve noticed that in the middle of my busy day, I’d think about you. And I wonder why.   I kept telling myself I shouldn’t be thinking about you anymore. But I do.  You said you want me to slap you on the face for what you … Continue reading Getting there

Kaya ko ba?

So eto na naman tayo sa random inner monologue (na hindi na masyadong inner kasi sinulat ko na dito 😂 ).  Kaya ko kaya? Kaya ko na ba ngayon? I’m at the turning point in my life kung saan abot-kamay ko na yung isa sa mga bagay na pangarap kong gawin pero I am starting to doubt myself again. I am facing the biggest risk I have ever faced in my entire 25 yrs of existence, and yes my life literally depends on it. 😐 I may have failed many times in the past but this one I cannot allow … Continue reading Kaya ko ba?

Bakit ganun

So March na. Wala pa sa iilang kaibigan ko ang nagsasabi sa akin kung gusto nila magpatulong sa finance nila.  Bakit kaya ganun? Eto mga naisip kong dahilan (excuse my pessimism here, it is probably my anxiety talking): a) they think I am targetting them as prospects? (Baka akala nila scam or networking ito o bebentahan ko sila ng produkto). Wala naman sa pagkatao ko yung ginagamit ang friendship para magbenta diba? Yung cute kong ito, hindi pang ganoong peg ha. 😂 b) they don’t trust me enough? baka di sila bilib sa kin kasi sino ba naman ako diba? … Continue reading Bakit ganun

Happy Birthday

Dear one, Before the next day begins, I want to tell you this… I’m in awe at how you managed to pass the first quarter of life still breathing- and for that, congratulations! I may no longer recognize you as that girl who used to beam with positivity and idealisms, but know that I am proud of you for at least trying to make things work as long as you can. No- those failures, frustrations and heartbreak cannot defeat you. Believe that you can overcome any illness and obstacles that bound to stop you from finding and achieving your purpose … Continue reading Happy Birthday

The AlDub Effect Part 2: Seven Reasons Why the Kalyeserye Still Gets Me Hooked

I used to be one of those skeptics who thought that AlDub is just a fad. During its first week at the least. Looking back, it could have been my only regret in life should I had not taken the chance to watch it for the first time (more about it in part 1 of my blog). So I am just so glad that I did. Since that day, I can’t seem to get enough of it. It was just soooooo addicting; and it’s the kind of addiction that I would never want to get away from. I ask myself, … Continue reading The AlDub Effect Part 2: Seven Reasons Why the Kalyeserye Still Gets Me Hooked