Happy Birthday

Dear one,
Before the next day begins, I want to tell you this…
I’m in awe at how you managed to pass the first quarter of life still breathing- and for that, congratulations! I may no longer recognize you as that girl who used to beam with positivity and idealisms, but know that I am proud of you for at least trying to make things work as long as you can.
No- those failures, frustrations and heartbreak cannot defeat you. Believe that you can overcome any illness and obstacles that bound to stop you from finding and achieving your purpose in this life.
So go write that novel, launch that blog, pursue your passions, travel to those places, create that art, fall in love, get lost, find new routes… take risks, BE BRAVE.  Let go of the things that make you feel less worthy of love and success. Remember that no one else is stopping you from truly becoming happy, but YOU. And best of all, open yourself to the overflowing Grace that reminds you God is behind all things. Allow God to use His storms to create the new you. Kapit lang, Ayana. Kaya mo yan.
Have a happy birthday.
#lettertoself #silver


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