The AlDub Effect Part 2: Seven Reasons Why the Kalyeserye Still Gets Me Hooked

I used to be one of those skeptics who thought that AlDub is just a fad. During its first week at the least. Looking back, it could have been my only regret in life should I had not taken the chance to watch it for the first time (more about it in part 1 of my blog). So I am just so glad that I did. Since that day, I can’t seem to get enough of it. It was just soooooo addicting; and it’s the kind of addiction that I would never want to get away from.

I ask myself, what is it that makes me want to watch the Kalyeserye each time? What makes me feel excited for each episode, and even schedule weekend activities around it? Why does the Kalyeserye still gets me hooked, contrary to my initial impression that my zeal for it would easily fade away after a few weeks?

*Enter graphics with confetti and fireworks sa background*

  1. It is my perfect stress reliever.

As of this writing, I am beside my little brother’s hospital bed and contemplating how nerve-wracking this week had been for me and my family- with the all the events occurred at both work and life. But just the thought of Eat Bulaga and Kalyeserye scenes gives me so much good vibes and makes me laugh out of nowhere. I get GV just by the thought of those kilig moments of AlDub; the highest level antics and adlibs of the lola triplets/ JoWaPao; the endless #alaskahanpamore and #laglaganpamore using the MAINE cam (*insert twerk it like miley song here*); the mystery riddles/poems of @AngPoetNyo on twitter that really gets me thinking deep; the simple-pero-may-kahulugang-comments ng TVJ and other hosts during the JFAAFJ segment; and the contagious laugh of Allan K.

In the past, whenever I get stressed out, I treat myself with a dose of artisan coffee or a nice spa treatment; but so many thanks to AlDub and Kalyeserye, I was able to save money by just having staycations and watching the Eat Bulaga episode each night (hello nga pala sa mga Team Replay dyan like me). Not to mention that watching it has become a nice bonding time with my family and friends. Pati yung mga younger siblings ko na pa-cool pa kunwari nung una at nagsabi na OA daw ang AlDub… aba, mas updated na sa akin ngayon. Well, malakas ako makahawa ng saya eh. Damay-damay na ‘to, uy!

2) It had set the bar for my kind of modern entertainment.

Yep, I guess simple romantic comedy has become my thing now (that’s why benta rin sakin yung That Thing Called Tadhana and English Only Please, they’ve got some indie feel pero light and relatable). And EB/Kalyeserye had just set the standards of the local show that I would be willing to watch every day. The themes are simple yet valuable that it gets you thinking each time the show ends.

Sa totoo lang the reason why I was not really that much into local TV series the past few years (with the exception I mentioned in my first blog), is because there are times when I feel heavy inside just by watching them. I mean, you know the usual conflicts: mayaman versus mahirap, paghihiganti, betrayal, and unfaithfulness. Yung alam mong happy ending din naman sa huli at magkakatuluyan yung mga bida pero kukunsumihin ka muna sa mga ganap. But you know what, siguro we’ve had enough of stress for the day about the politics and social issues in our country right now, plus our own personal dilemmas, so parang hindi na keri ng puso ko pa na dalhin yung mabibigat na eksena.

I mean each of our lives is a teleserye on its own right, so we need something to break-the-ice in this crazy real world where we all live in. That’s when the Kalyeserye comes in with its fresh and raw attack to entertain people. Sa totoo lang, ang lakas ng tawa ko sa EB especially pag Juan for All, All for Juan segment na.  Yung ang saya lang, magaan ang feeling at parang nakakalimutan mo yung problema mo for a while, pero may mga natututunan ka ding lessons in life. Which brings me to my next point…

3) It promotes good values.

You want proof? Check the official twitter accounts of religious organizations in the country (check out @katolikongpinoy  & @papalvisitph among others)  and you’ll see that even they are hooked to this phenomenon; and even often give out interesting trivia in relation to the episode each day.

As for me, those messages that the Kalyeserye wants to convey- go straight to my heart and mind. In reality matagal na nating alam yung mga sinasabi ni Lola Nidora; bata pa lang tayo tinuturo na sa atin ang mga kagandahang asal at magandang pananaw sa buhay. Pero the way Kalyeserye imparts it becomes some sort of a reminder for all of us. I guess people just re-learn values better when they are happy and in good state of mind. Yes, may ibang jokes na medyo green na censored pa rin in a sense (Hashtag Rambutan); but in the end, each episode leaves you a touching message na pag-iisipan mo hanggang sa panaginip mo.

God has blessed Eat Bulaga, its hosts & staff with the power and voice to influence and inspire people; and obviously they have made good use of that voice to spread His message of faith, hope and love.

The most notable for me was the message of Tamang Panahon. We all are abangers and hopia when it comes to waiting for that perfect time when Alden and Maine would meet, and probably when true love would come our way. But this is not just about love life ha… it is about all aspects of life. Clearly, Kalyeserye invokes that right timing is achieved through patience and determination. In this tough road called life, we just have to continue believing in God’s providence and trusting in God’s handiwork in each of us. And when you put your trust in God, things just get more interesting and surprising…

4) It is unpredictable.

What I noticed with the recent turn of events, is that EB listens to its viewers. AlDub Nation ‘citizens’ contribute edited photos and story suggestions for fun which easily spread online, and later on we see them utilized on the show as added inputs to the already creative think tanks of EB.

And what could be more exhilarating than watching spontaneous improvisations that are televised live on national TV? The situations may be mostly planned or scripted in some way, but they are not rehearsed and Take 1 lang lahat, so the emotions we see are raw and real. Mababaliw ka sa sa kakaisip, kung ‘anong genre na ba itong pinapanood ko?’ Comedy pa ba ito, suspense, drama, horror, romance, musical, o baka naman totoohanan na ito?

AlDub pa ba ito, o MaiDen na? O baka naman MaineChard na?! We all see the thin line between what’s reel and real. There are three stories being unveiled here… a) the KalyeSerye romance of Yaya Dub and Alden; b) the powerful potential of Maine and Alden love team; c) and the real life possibilities between Maine Mendoza and Richard Faulkerson Jr.  So again, I kinda have this happy confusion if its genre is actually a reality show.

UPDATE: As of today’s episode, nagkita na sila!!! Wohooo! Malungkot ako for AlDub dahil nagalit si Lola sa di nila pagtupad ng pangako at bigla din kinidnap si Yaya dub. PERO sobrang happy ko for MaiDen kasi naganap na ang matagal na hintay na paghaharap for real! Nabaliw-baliw na naman ako sa episode today.

5) It is fascinating.

At the Kalyeserye, we now see Lola Nidora not as the antagonist we thought she is, but that character in the story who pushes the story forward. In fact, I don’t really see any of the characters as antagonist in the long run, and it is such a great wonder for me that this story goes through conflicts and resolutions smoothly without having to see matapobre kontrabidas and cheating spouses as part of the plot. The story is not about Cinderella finding his Prince Charming, it’s not about the differences in social status, or self-centered Donya and an underdog.

The episodes simply evolve around the plot about two young adults who is encouraged by the parent-like figure to take things slow before jumping into an infatuation-based relationship by raising the bar of chivalry. What fascinates me is that this simple plot addresses an important message to our generation, while taking the whole nation by storm.

But what intrigues me most of all are the real-life kontrabidas. There are bashers and haters who would want to take AlDub and Kalyeserye down by bringing up hoax information to the public or pushing the patience of the AlDubNation to the edge by challenging the capability and sincerity of Alden and Maine. But what amazes me more is how those real-life kontrabidas are overpowered by the enormous Good Vibes of the fandom.

6) It is inspiring.

I think mas inspired ang mga tao pag masaya sila. Kaya siguro effective ang comedy as the MAINE tool of the Kalyeserye in performing for the people. Kahit magtumbling tumbling sila doon ng live, parang worth it, because people have great smiles on their faces after watching the show.

Sa sobrang inspired, AlDub phenom brought out the hidden talents of ordinary people. Artists do sketches, paintings, digital portraits of the characters; writers come up with long blog entries like this (haha!), musicians and lyricists make poems and songs dedicated to AlDub and AlDub Nation, kung merong sculptors siguro gumawa narin sila ng statues ng AlDub and EB hosts . And let me just say that aside from being such a talented fandom, we are also a legit community of supporters from all walks of life- no wonder we are called a ‘NATION’ right? Not to mention that the fans have Chapters all throughout the Philippines and the world. Kumpletos rekados talaga ang AlDub/ Maiden Nation. At daig pa ng fans ang Eat Bulaga ha, may sarili nang website. HAHA.

Even more inspiring to know that unlike other shows which have marketing professionals conceptualizing the Hashtags that will be tweeted by the netizens, AlDub/Kalyeserye’s hashtags are from the fans themselves. I believe that the admins of official AlDub fans twitter accounts have group chats to vote and decide the HT which is released every 12:00 midnight. And for consecutive days now, the fandom has not gotten below 1.0 Million tweets, but in fact surpassed the Philippine record by garnering 3.5 Million tweets last August 29, 2015. (UPDATE as of 7:30PM today we have surpassed the  5 million mark! Congrats to all!!).

You want to know our secret? It’s all organic effort!!! Totoong pinag-uusapan namin ang AlDub sa tweets, Fresh tweets pa more here, Retweet pa more there, Quote tweet with comments pa more everywhere. Pag natawa kami bigla dahil naisip namin ang AlDub, tweet pa ulit; pag napanaginipan ang AlDub tweet pa ulit. Pag feel naming magpaka feeling close sa EB hosts and staff, tag pa more there! Kahit sarili ko lang kausap ko sa twitter, yung biglang napa-emote lang, tweet pa rin with the hashtag for the day.  With matching all caps para intense. Ganern. Although minsan parang late reaction ako sa twitter kasi naman I only get to watch the show and tweet after office hours. Hindi naman ako ganito sa iba, again I just came back to twitter and Instagram para magtweet talaga about sa AlDub. So kung fad man ito, I am just enjoying each moment, just because. Ang saya-saya kaya!

7) It is humbling.

Another thing that really gets me hooked is the concept of charity and humility that the Kalyeserye promotes. Pag nag-susugod-bahay sila, you see the situation of the people they are helping, and you can’t help but think how blessed you already are in your life that you are in the position of being more capable to help than needing help.

With their efforts to reach out to less fortunate, no wonder bashers say that AlDub and EB are for ‘lower class, jejemon, tambay sa kanto’. But hey I AM A PROUD CITIZEN OF ALDUB NATION and I don’t think I am a laggard nor a jejemon. But being type casted with the lower class is not a problem for me. And though I am earning enough, I don’t mind being identified with the masa, because even my Lord Jesus Christ who is a King and God went down to be with the poor and needy.

I am also amazed at the fact that the hosts have their own (humongous) personal problems themselves, but they still make a way to entertain us the best way they could. Let’s not forget that these people are also wounded just like all of us, and the least we can do is appreciate what they do to keep us amused.

So there you go, the seven reasons why I still get hooked by the Kalyeserye and AlDub. I hope that EB would keep up with such interest that viewers put on their show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep us surprised and amazed, EB. We love how you do it so well! 🙂

By the way, guys, I want to thank you for reading the Part 1 of my blog two weeks ago. Na shock ako sa 1000 views overnight ha. 🙂 Hope kayo rin magsulat. Feel free to write comments below. Thanks!


22 thoughts on “The AlDub Effect Part 2: Seven Reasons Why the Kalyeserye Still Gets Me Hooked

  1. Well said, seems like i’m reading my own feeling… I really thank that i found this fandom, i never been a fan of any LT, i prefer to watch Korean Novela than watching our own dramas, you already described how those teleserye goes, i don’t even like the idea of pairing young teens, coz many are watching with younger teens around at ginagawa nla kung anu ang npanood nila and that cause early marriage or early pregnancy in this generations… I AM PROUD TO BE PART OF ALDUB NATION, i found a family here and i can still feel the Holy Spirit in this Nation. Khit ako hndi makapaniwala, why i hooked in this LT, though i’m a solid Eat Bulaga viewer eversince… Buti ka pa nga nakapag-blog, ako hindi ko pa rin ma-explain “How? Why? or What” basta minahal ko sila, both Alden and Maine and so with the Nation. So, congratz kc nasabi mo ang feelings mo, kung ako parang kulang un ga sasabihin ko eh, parang umaapaw sa pag-ibig ang puso ko ngayon, hehehe… GOODLUCK AND MORE POWER… GOD BLESS US ALL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, salamat po for appreciating. Talagang inspired lang po talaga ako sa kanila, nag umapaw yung feelings. actually tagal ko po hindi nagsulat after ko ma- heartbroken. Haha pero dahil sa AlDub naniwala ako ulit sa love. Hehe God bless din po, and just thru your comment you have expressed your wonderful insights about our love for the fandom. 🙂 glad to connect with you thru AlDub, ang saya naman 🙂


  2. Ang saya lang! Ang sarap lang nyang basahin! That’s also exactly how I feel. Yung alam mo yun, kahit ano gawin nila, kikiligin ka, mapapangiti ka, mapapatili ka, mapapahampas ka sa katabi mo! Hihi Good vibes lang.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Kudos to you! Very beautifully and well written. I don’t have to look for words to describe my own feelings and experience of Eat Bulaga and Aldub these past few weeks. You have articulated everything that’s inside my heart and mind. I believe all those who silently journey with Kalyeserye of Aldub can find expression in your article. Then they are silent no more.:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well said. Sinulat mo ang naiisip at nararamdaman ng majority (if not all) ng fans ng AlDub. And I agree that siguro super inspiring sila dahel I see lots of artists contributing their masterpieces (visual or literary) sa twitter, FB and instagram. Kudos to all! Happy to be part of this nation 😉


  5. Yong feelings na di mo maipaliwanag bakit ka na hooked sa ALDUB, bakit na mga katanungan na di mo masagot…. basta lang ang alam ko masaya ako pero di pala MAHAL ko na pala ang ALDUB pati mga fans nila ay mamahalin mo na rin kahit di mo sila kakilala….IBA talaga at ngayon palang naiiyak ako dahil sa nararamdaman kong ito…ang sarap ng feelings ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. super relate ako sa mga sinabi mo..
    natutuwa ako kay Maine/ yaya Dub.. napakagenuine ng kilos nya..
    even the emotions it shows na tunay ang kilig.. parang representative sya ng mga tulad “kong” nag kaka-crush sa artista man o ordinaryong tao.. ung di mapigilang magsmile.. as in nakakahawa ang kilig nya..

    True that it gives good vibes.. sa dami ng stress ko sa trabaho.. kalyeserye lang nagpapawala nun.. smile pa rin dahil may nilolook forward ako everyday.. even sunday.. kalyeserye marathon pa rin ang peg ko.hahahaha..

    thanks for sharing those reasons;)))

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow! As in wow! Reading my own feelings! Correct! Same same lahat! I’ve never been like this in my entire life! I AM PROUD TO BE PART OF ALDUB NATION! THANK YOU for this!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Just WOW! hehe..hbang bnabsa q po 2ng article hnd q maiwsan n d mpangiti nd kiligin pa lalo. Kgaya mu po nung una wla aqng pake s kung sinu yang aldub n yan, lage q png inaawy ung clasmte q n super adik,not knowing n mpapahya pla aq skanya aftr i watched SINGLE epsode:-D First tym q rin po hmanga s isng LT,nd d q maexplain kung panu nngyare..ful pckage to eh!tsaka relate aq dun s ‘tmang pnahon’,kc lyk yaya me guy n wiling dng mghntay s kung kelan ung ryt tym 4 us:-)
    Godbless po sau nd 2 ol citizens ng #ALDUBNATION !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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