The AlDub Effect: A Fan’s point of view

No doubt, I have been bitten by the AlDub Fever (or MaiDen fever para mas kilig hihi). Watching their vids (on replay) has become my habit for three weeks now.

It was on the first weeksary of AlDub that I first heard of them from my cousins who are long-time Eat Bulaga/ Kapuso fans. I shrugged it off, as I thought it was just another topic on social media that went trending.

The last (and only) local television show I watched this year was Forevermore (on Iwantv btw, LizQuen fan here!), and other series I usually watch over the net are Suits, White Collar, and NCIS. I was also inactive on social media lately (deactivated fb, deleted twitter and IG early this year), so I literally had no idea what the fuzz is all about. Pero isang linggo na silang kilig na kilig talaga. So then I became curious about this ALDUB.

I was thinking, hmmm ano kaya yang pakulo na yan, masilip nga. So when the weekend came I watched the replay videos of the first weeksary episode.

My reaction?

-(first 5 minutes) Hmm.. yun na yun? ambabaw naman…

-(end of the video) Grabe, sobrang nakakakilig at nakakatawa pala talaga. Panoorin ko nga yung ibang videos. 

So there, after attending to my commitments, I wonderfully spent such weekend marathoning for the days I missed, episodes from July 16 to 25 of the Kalyeserye.

I remember being thrilled that Maine Mendoza is on the show because I have already noticed her several weeks from then as that pretty girl on a youtube compilation, dubsmashing ridiculously but flawlessly. I even told my cousins that she had become my Girl Crush because of her wit and antics on her vids.

And Alden Richards… I know I have noticed him somewhere. Then I remembered… he was that guy who played Jose Rizal in Ilustrado (which I failed to watch while it was still on air). Being a  history buff myself and having a big crush on Jose Rizal (yeah, I’m that geeky), I became really excited to know more about Alden, especially that I knew how challenging it must be to accurately play someone as iconic as Dr. Rizal. Later on, yung crush ko kay Rizal nahawa na kay Alden. Haha

So after marathoning on the Kalyeserye, I went on to watch ALL the youtube uploads of Maine, and then watched youtube replays of the Magpakailanman and Tunay na Buhay episodes featuring the life of Alden.

So there, I became an AlDub fan first… then quickly after, totally a MaiDen fan. I love them both individually and as a love team.

I went back to twitter with a fresh account to follow @mainedcm and @aldenrichards02, and the other official accounts of Bulaga show, staff and hosts. I became an instant Dabarkads over one weekend. All for AlDub. I even stated in my bio that I do not need followers, I just want to contribute to the daily hashtags among the AldubNation fandom which I am now a proud citizen of.  Then I reactivated my FB account to like the Eat Bulaga page in which I become an abanger for the EB upload each night.

My recreation schedule had also drastically changed starting the Monday proceeding that weekend. By 7pm- two hours after work, I see to it that I start watching the That’s My Bae and Kalyeserye segments for that day uploaded on youtube. Last week, I even started to watch the replays of the entire Eat Bulaga show for each day, and I have indeed become a full-fledged Dabarkads by heart. Sadly, the past Saturdays were quite hectic for me due to my commitments, so up to yesterday I have not watched Eat Bulaga on live broadcast just yet. Thank goodness, today is a holiday, so it was my first time to watch the Kalyeserye on TV kanina.

I noticed how AlDub has affected not just me, but a lot of people. On MRT, LRT, schools, establishments, offices, and other public areas with TV, regardless of social status, people are tuning to the AlDub Kalyeserye, be it during the live Eat Bulaga broadcast, or on the news bites at night. I am not saying everyone, but perhaps MAJORITY, including those people in denial pa sa pag shift nila to Eat Bulaga. (Wag na kayong mahiya, in denial din ako nung una, because I used to say na solid Kapamilya ako). Kalyeserye offers so much of good things: laughter, entertainment, life lessons, and kilig vibes. And suspense, oh I love suspense. πŸ™‚ Kaya good vibes everyday, even despite heartbreaking episodes like that of today. Yung bigla ka nalang mapapa smile, so akala ng tao sa paligid mo may love life ka na, pero wala naman talaga at naalala mo lang si Alden at Yaya Dub kasi. πŸ™‚

Sa totoo lang, if old folks have twitter, the number of tweets could be more than what the AlDubNation are contributing to the NW and WW trend each day. Baka triple pa. I wonder if I should make an account for my Lola, who is a big AlDub fan also btw.

I must  say that for almost a month now, I have become a fan not only of AlDub but of the entire EB show, especially the folks behind Kalyeserye.

Wally Bayola, who plays Lola Nidora, Dra. Dora, and Duhrizz, is a very versatile actor- he deserves a prestigious award for Comedic Act and more projects exploring his dramatic talents as an actor. Notice that he could actually speak English well as Duhrizz (except for some of his intentional banats distorting his grammar). Wally’s getting back on track is a proof that everybody deserves a second chance at God’s grace; and believe it or not we all do need such grace amid our imperfections. I also find it amusing how Jose Manalo effectively shifts from the third party of Aldub as Frankie A. Arinoli to the narrator/spectator Gas Gas Abelgas. I am also anticipating for Paolo Ballesteros’ potential act as a third party to Aldub (I ship Pao-Den!!!!) which almost happened on an episode that Monday after Yaya Dub had fainted (Saturday ep.); PaoDen would be utterly hilarious! For me, Kalyeserye would not be complete without JoWaPao. I also appreciate how the hosts at Broadway particularly Tito, Vic, Joey, and Allan support the Kalyeserye and fill any dead air, through their funny comments on what’s happening on the other side of the split screen; in fact it was them particularly Allan K who first pointed out the kilig reaction of Yaya Dub on the first day (go VP!). As with the Pres. @sam_yg, I really appreciate his little comments every That’s My Bae segment for Alden about Yaya Dub (recently, he insists on using Maine for portmanteau). I thank the entire team of EB, from the directors and artists down to the crew, staff, janitors and guards; because without them managing the creatives and production, I would probably not be able to encounter EB as a happy fan. I know they are just doing their work, but clearly they do it with sheer determination and professionalism. The hosts, staff and bosses seem to be very supportive and obviously abangers themselves to what might happen next. That adds up to my excitement as a fan.

With Maine Mendoza, I can see the sincerity and genuineness in her emotions as Yaya Dub. Probably because she was sent to the portray the role without any workshops. Ever since watching her youtube vids and reading her blog, I can’t help but feel protective of her (being 3 years older than her). I care for her like I would do for my little sister. We all know the realities of the show business, and she could get hurt along the way. There might be expectations that she might get disappointed about, if not fulfilled ( emotionally, e.g. heartbreak, etc.). At present, there are people who would bash her or give painful remarks… and I can not stand that. I just can’t. I am thankful for EB for bringing forth a person like Maine to us viewers. But am just worried because I know that she has pessimistic tendencies (according to her blog), so although she can handle everything very well,  it would still really be great if there are right mentors who could guide her along the way, or if the management would give her ample workshops on skills and character building needed for such an industry. We can see that although her college degree is way too far from her current career, her passion for entertaining has always been there; and she has the talent, looks, and confidence she needs- they just have to be cultivated even more. I love that she has been down-to-earth despite her sky-rocketing fame and high societal status in real life; which reflects how beautifully she was raised by her parents, and loved by her family and friends. EB/ GMA, please take care of my baby girl Maine.

With Alden Richards- As I was watching his Magpakailanman episode, I can’t help but admire him on his love for his mom and respect for his dad. I could relate very well to what he did- foregoing important things in his personal life (even love life and studies) for the sake of his family. Also, his love for his craft of acting and dedication to his job really impressed me, more than his dimples or good looks. Imagine, the guy is working 7 days a week on noon time shows (EB and Sunday Pinasaya), aside from rehearsals and other commitments. Nakaka-inspire lang ng sobra yung kasipagan niya, kaya naman ginagaya ko siya sa pagsisipag… para sa ekonomiya! hahaha. Truly, hard work pays off; and because of his immense love for God (I heard he reads the Bible everyday), he has been blessed continuously with all these love and success. He also seem so modest in answering questions about the real score between him and Maine, because as it is they have not met in person just yet. I could see that he is that kind of a guy who will court a girl after knowing her better in person or a face-to-face friendship; unlike his character in the Kalyeserye who uses only fansigns and split screen moves (Although parang totohanan na yung fan signs nilang dalawa ha, I heard hindi daw scripted yun). I believe that the real-life Alden truly is a good gentleman. True enough though, I am a HOPIA that he and Maine would meet in person, not just to become a romantic item; but so that he could help out Maine (as friend, loveteam or mentor) as she is starting up in the crazy world of show business.

My prayer is for Maine and Alden to continue inspiring people, reminding everyone to work for our dreams just like they did. I pray that being influential persons that they are now, God would use them to share His message of faith, hope and love, no matter how cliche it gets. I pray that above all the success, they would each find their significant place in this world.

I am excited for what might happen next for AlDub, but I am more excited for them as MaiDen. πŸ™‚ But please don’t rush on it, Alden and Maine. As your fans, we respect your pace and space. So, go on and take your own sweet time. Everything will be perfected by God sa tamang panahon. πŸ™‚ For now, go lang and be happy happy! πŸ™‚

P.S. Kinikilig ako sa fact na if they weren’t artists, Maine would pursue being a flight attendant and Alden being a pilot. Parang kahit hindi sa showbiz, meant silang magtagpo sa eroplano. πŸ™‚ *hart hart*




 Yans DM, a new avid fan.  *pabebe wink*

Copyright 2015


48 thoughts on “The AlDub Effect: A Fan’s point of view

  1. …While I was going over your blog I was like re-living my very own experience as an AlDub/MaiDen fan. Except that from day one of Yaya Dub on EB I was already impressed with her and knew she will be going places. Was a passionate BeCarefulWithMyHeart addict before and thought I won’t ever go after another loveteam ever again. Alas, I spoke too soon. Here I am going nuts over this Kalyeserye and everything that has to do with it. This accidental team up is indeed phenomenal. Maybe because they are a breath of fresh air, very raw, and a novelty. For where else can you find such success for a loveteam who haven’t met much less know each other’s cell phone number? Happy fangirling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, glad that we share the feeling of love for AlDub. I have never been into LTs this much before. Medyo faney din ako ng LizQuen pero not to the point na mag-blo-blog ako after a long time of hiatus πŸ™‚


  2. Hi just I just saw your post in fb and I came up here! This my first time to give a comment in any social media accounts, I am proudly to say I am an AlDub/ MaiDen fan, well apparently I thought I was the only one in our office who’s fanatic of AlDub ung tipong kinikilig at tumatawa ng patago but then everytime I read AlDub’s comments and your blog I must say that I’m not the only fan who truly love and appreciate them. Thank you for sharing this worthy article, kudos for you and Let’s keep our support to AlDub. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Hi Yans! Nice read. Very well written. I agree with what you said about Alden and Maine. May they always stay grounded and not be swayed or influenced by the showbiz culture laden by intrigue and gossip. I’m confident that the
    Eat Bulaga team will take care
    of Maine (the “bebe ni bae” is
    what i call her) and so with
    GMA with Alden. But what
    worries me is Alden is on tv
    everyday, he might be
    overexposed or be burned out. A lot of us
    are hoping that they become a
    couple real life. Sana they
    become very good friends first
    and they nurture that
    friendship. And who
    knows….as Lola would say sa
    tamang panahon and to add
    to that sa tamang paraan.
    Relationships that start on a
    foundation of a very good
    friendship become successful.
    That’s what i pray for these
    two. Honestly, at my age,this is
    the first time na kinilig and
    naaliw ako with loveteam. It’s
    feel good team up and
    Kalyeserye. Tipong kahit
    tapos na you still talk about it.
    Thank you Eat Bulaga for
    spreading love and happiness.
    All the best to all of you
    always and to you Yans.
    Eat Bulaga and Maien we are one with you! Kudos!
    Thanks and God bless us always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your insights. πŸ™‚ Yes medyo nag aalala din ako for alden kasi baka ma burnout siya, pero I think he gets his energy from God, his family and supporters well. Si Maine naman worried ako pag masama pakiramdam niya. Haha feeling close lang ang peg pero really they are both in my prayers always. Glad to share with you my love for AlDub πŸ™‚


  4. nice blog.. loyal ako sa EB since day one.. pero naging busy ako.. nagtrabaho sa abroad pagbalik ko ipinagpatuloy ko studies so .. ngayon teacher na ako .. hindi na ako nakakapanood ng EB kasi kailangang nasa school ka maghapon.. sa internet na lang ako nakakabalita.. ng mabasa ko yung aldub na yan na curious ako… honestly fan ako ni alden kasi mabait sya talaga at with good manners talaga.. kakaiba sya sa lahat.. .. ng mapanood ko yung replay sa youtube ng first meeting nila grabe.. laglag puso ko.. kitang kita sa mata ni alden ang paghanga kay maine.. ganon din si maine .. ngayon umuuwi na ako pag lunch para kumain at manood ng eat bulaga .. babalik ako sa school after EB.. active na rin ako sa twitter at fb na hindi ko dati ginagawa .. dati PINGRIS lang follow ko ngayon damidami lahat ng tungkol sa aldub pina follow ko.. #aldub fever


    1. Obvious naman that they have some admiration for each other. Kaya lang, it is too early to say na it is love or what, although hopia naman talaga tayo lahat. πŸ™‚ Glad to know that you can watch it ng lunch time, ako kasi talagang replays except pag walang pasok at walang lakad. haha Baka pag nagkita sila, 60% na ratings ng EB. I won’t mind at all, kahit maraming commercials sana lang sabado yun maganap.
      Anyway, thank you for reading this, and sharing your experience πŸ™‚ Happy Aldub fan girling to us!


  5. I share your experience with AlDub. Actually, I am an EB follower kaya i was able to follow all that transpired sa AlDub from day one. But what I didn’t expect was the impact it had on me. Like you, I am not fond of loveteams but this change with AlDub. Also, I have to reactivate my twitter and IG so I can follow them. But the biggest impact is on my sleeping habit and my regular health regimen. Before AlDub, i usually sleep at 9pm or pinaka late at 10pm because i need to wake up early in the morning for my daily jog. But since AlDub, i sleep na at 1am or at 2am because i wait for the video upload and then read all the comments. Dahil sa late na akong matulog, di ko na kayang gumising ng maaga kaya goodbye jogging na. Kahit napanood ko na live sa tanghali, inaabangan ko pa rin ang video upload sa gabi. Pagkatapos nga ng EB sa tanghali, nakatutok na ako sa computer para makibasa sa mga comments sa fb at twitter…buong maghapon yun kaya tuloy imbes na sa tuwing hapon na lang ako mag jog, di ko pa rin magawa kasi tutok nga sa computer pati na rin news updates sa tv sa 24Oras..Ganun ako ka adik sa AlDub. Mabuti nalang na wala na akong work kasi retired na ako. At yan ang nakapagtataka..DI na po ako bata, may edad na po ako pero grabe pa rin ang kilig sa AlDub na ito..haha.


    1. Ay grabe yan din ginagawa ko. Yung long weekend ko, sobrang staycation. Yung mga pwedeng sa bahay ko nalang gawin, gagawin ko sa bahay; dahil mas gusto ko pag magbasa at manood ng tungkol sa AlDub kesa gumastos sa labas. haha Sobrang nakaka addict lang, pero I always try to remind myself… teka sina Alden at Maine kayod ng kayod, tapos ako papabayaan ko lang yung mga dapat kong gawin para sa sarili ko? They wouldn’t be proud of me kung malaman nila yun (as if magiging close kami ever), so ayun I try my best na ayusin yung sarili ko, health, social life, work etc. dahil inspired ako sa kanila. Thanks for reading!!!


  6. Hi yan…
    Nakita ko lang po sa fb comment n may blog k po about ALDUb..
    Karamihan n nga po yata ng kababayan naten, in all levels, pare pareho po ng nararamdaman..
    Sobrang nakakalimutan naten kahit panandalian lang ang mga problema at sobrang napapatawa po tayo ng ALDUB EB36..
    Thankyou po sa pag Blog , sobrang natutuwa at sobrang proud ako bilang ALDUB fan pag may nababasa po ako mga comments or blogs about them na sobrang positive..
    Ibang iba po talaga ang feeling ng pagiging Fan nila, na kahit sa iba po, dko po naramdaman..
    At sa lahat po ng Cast ng Kalyeserye, maraming salamat din po sa kanila, dahil makikita at nararamdaman naten kung pano sila nagtutulungan, bigayan at Hindi nagsasapawan..


    1. Yung best kind of joy siguro is yung joy that is shared with people that you haven’t actually met but have same insights as you do. AlDub deserves the love and pride their fans love for them because these are two good people who work everyday to entertain us despite getting sick or burnt-out themselves. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for reading and God bless you too!


  7. ‘have read it entirely, bravo! intelligently & lovingly written. as i may say .. i don’t belong anymore in this era, yeah .. the last time i rooted for a love team (sharon/gabby) was way back my teen years! (the 80’s but already a fan of TVJ way back then) im now residing in France for almost 30yrs,married with a 20yr old son & teaching in a kindy sch. like you, i’ve been reading articles here and there and sometimes i feel sorry for those haters, what do they really gain from bashing?! oh well …. again thank you for sharing this wonderful blog. FΓ©licitations encore une fois et bon continuation!


    1. Thank you for your patience in reading my blog, kahit ako mismo nahabaan dito kaya akala ko walang magbabasa. πŸ™‚ Glad that my fellow AlDub fans appreciate it and I hope to get my message across EB. How are you there in France naman po? Glad that simple joys like these of Aldub and EB connect us as kababayans. P.S. ginoogle translate ko po yung last sentence niyo. HAHA Thank you for taking time to read this.


  8. Very well said Yans! Seems like we had a same experience. Though i’m here in Dubai, i was hooked by this AlDub fever! And yes.. i did almost the same thing you did. At yun din ang prayer ko.. kc nbasa ko na rin blog nya. I even wrote a comment to Maine, cited my little advise and prayer to her. You are right, she need to be properly guided. 😊 -milot


    1. Oh, kayo po siguro yung nabasa kong isa sa nagcomment sa blog niya. πŸ™‚ All the love for our kababayans in Dubai πŸ™‚ Ang saya naman na umaabot sa ibang bansa yung AlDub Fever, because somehow it makes us all connected as Filipinos. Yes, siguro kaya gusto ko umabot tong blog entry ko to EB aside from thanking them for bringing AlDub to us, ay para ipaabot yung concern natin for Maine as a showbiz newcomer who we really love. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!!!


  9. Hi! You nailed it! I’ve read and watched thousands of love stories, from the classics – Jane Austen most especially -to the most explicit and yet for me the moments that branded my heart are the simple moments. The touch of a hand, a kiss on the cheek, a simple embrace and I found it all in the kalye-serye. I’m not that young, have kids and so a little protective of Maine, it’s as if she’s one of my own. I’ve read her blog and her tweets and for one so young she seemed so grounded as if she’s an old soul like Bella in Twilight. If Alden isn’t so nice I think she’ll make him cry but her love for him will probably overcome her “kamalditahan”. I think they will be big stars, bigger than anybody in the Phil show business. Like you, I pray and hope that they will remain humble and as they grow older and stronger, embrace advocasies that will help the plight of Filipinos. Thank you for this wonderful write-up.


    1. Haha, lahat po yata tayong fans naging really protective of Maine. Sabi ko nga po, gusto ko na sila magkita ni Alden, para si Alden na mag protect sa kanya eh! yiie *kilig*! He seems to be a really good man po, even the staff and colleagues niya sinasabi. Yes, we will pray for their continuous significance in the lives of Filipinos. Thank you for reading!


  10. Thanks for this wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing ur insights.Hope everybody will take time to read this esp GMA/EB people for Maine, I believe they read fan’s comments, and also to get ideas. We all love Maine and Alden…My son have ur experience too. He watched the day1 episode after the monthsary and became an instant fan and watch on marathon for the whole night the nxt episodes coz he’s on net and home only on weekends. He’s the kind of fan na abot hangan kanto ang tawa at tago ng tago sa mga kilig moments.Ganito cya since he’s a baby until now(he’s 21). Ma amaze at mainis ka sa kanya pag kasabay mong manood. On Sats he get to watch na live episode and see to it he finished the weekdays episode on a friday night. Tama ka mg triple ang tweets if every Aldub fan has a twitter just like my apo(4 yrs old), an avid fan, because di ko daw cya tinawag as I was watching 24Oras, nireport na ang Aldub, takbo nung narinig nya at pagdating tapos na ang report ni Iya haha. Grabe iyak at dabog..She really ddnt talk to me for an hour. Also my daughter got to influence her students who are solid kapamilya…just sharing… Its my first time to post a comment. Thank you Yans


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s experience. Marami din po kasi sa akin napaalalang magagandang bagay yung show, and I was so inspired by the good stuff they are doing so kaya ako nag blog. Sana nga po, ano, mag last silang matagal as love team and maging really good friends kung di man sila magkatuluyan. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!


  11. The last time na naging abangers ako ng tele serye is yong kay joaquin at chichay…like many others, nagkakaedad na rin ako pero di tumatanda πŸ™‚ pero naaliw pa rin ako sa tandem ng AlDub…here’s hoping also na they will become certified successful LT in the future..praying also na magkatuluyan din sila sa huli. Gusto ko makita sa kanila ang isang magkapareho na magkatuluyan sa totoong buhay…salamat sa pag share ng iyong blog…more power to you and God bless…


    1. haha! love ko din po si joaquin and chichay although hindi ko po nasubaybayan, then yung book 2 po ng forevermore inaabangan ko po dati sa iwantv. After forevermore, sabi ko ayoko nang ma hook sa kahit anong loveteams. Eh dumating po tong aldub, so di ko po napigilan at heto humantong nako sa level na nag blog pako. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading, and yes we will pray for their success in all the aspects pati puso, hihi πŸ™‚


  12. Thanks for sharing this, very well written…and we both feel the same way…I never get to watch tv nowadays due to a demanding work but ever since discovering AlDub, it somehow change my very stressful daily routine. Now I have something to smile about aside from my family..and we are now all AlDub fans, even my 3 yr. old son who has a very cute pabebe wave…they update me everyday on what’s happening in kalyeserye then I download it from youtube after work so I can added to our daily bonding since I work out of town and only see them every weekend…truly how amazing this love team changed, if not totally, how people perceive life..the last time I rooted for a LT is William-Maricel and Bossing-Dina B…and now you know how old I am hahahaha… I’m older than EB and been a fan since their RPN 9 days… Let us pray for them so they can continue to make everyone happy, and I am sure they are also happy when they see articles like this…Thank you and keep on writing πŸ™‚


  13. it’s a long read but very worth it. we have the same sentiments…not a fan of loveteams before and does not watch local tv series (sorry). but when i found out that maine is in eat bulaga, i was curious on what’s her role in JFAAFJ. i was already a fan before her stint in EB because of her dubsmash videos. and then the aldub fever was born. it changed me, my lifestyle and my views in life. lately kasi, parang nabobored na ako sa buhay ko. parang dull moment nalng everyday, doing the daily routine, going to work, then go home and take a rest. but now, i am inspired every morning that i wake up. parang nabubuhayan ako dahil sa pinakita nilang hope siguro na maitatawag natin na sa isang simpleng paraan ng pagpapatawa at pagpapakilig nila sa atin, nakakainspire din pala sila tingnan. so, i really appreciate what EB is doing right now. i hope they will last long in showbiz and in real life as well.

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    1. Thank you for reading. Nahahabaan din ako sa post ko na to. Di ko nga akalaing aabot ng 2000 views and hundreds of shares by now eh. So very thankful ako. Thank you po for taking from your precious time to read this. All I want is spread the love to AlDub even more. Yung sinasabi nating inspired tayo because of them, probably that’s what we call The Aldub Effect, really kaya yun din title nung blig entry. πŸ™‚ salamat po!


  14. wow.. . very well said.. . actually hindi ako mahilig magbasa ng mga blogs except lang yung may interest ako pero recently halos lahat ng blogs ng ALDUBNATION si ni search at binabasa ko na. i find myself as an avid fans of Aldub. Thanks for this blog. ..


  15. everyone here has same sentiments just like me, iba ko lang siguro ay dahil ako breadwinner sa family ko,at nasa abroad ako, di ko nga masyadong kilala ang mga batang artista kasi dekada ’70 ako. pero dahil nagpepeysbuk ako, na curious ako sa dubsmash ni yaya dub at sa dami ng lumalabas sa newsfeed ko hanggang sa i view ko yung dubsmash nya kay kris,ayun kuha nya agad kiliti ko ngayon , gaya nito nakiki comments na din ako basta about sa “AlDub”

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  16. “Yung bigla ka nalang mapapa smile, so akala ng tao sa paligid mo may love life ka na, pero wala naman talaga at naalala mo lang si Alden at Yaya Dub kasi. ” — this line tho! Haha! Relate! πŸ˜€

    I love your post! ❀

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  17. Same feeling po tayo about aldub! I’m an instant fan din! Very well said sir! Thank you for putting our feelings into words! This give me chills and tears of joy, excitement and kilig!

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