What does it take?

What does it take to walk in faith?

What does it take to love?

What does it take to succeed?

Loving your failures means accepting yourself.

Accepting your reality, your present.

And believing that the future is always better than today.

So what does it take to walk in faith? What does it take to become an instrument of God’s love?

Is God testing me, or my loyalty to Him?

I do not know.

But what is for sure is that He loves me more than I even loved myself.

In fact He knows that I hate myself for so many things, and yet He never gives up on me.

He knows me more than I know myself.

The past days and weeks I kept on asking God why do I continue to fail?

Am I not supposed to dream big dreams?

But then He calls upon me to serve Him.

And I thought, would it mean dropping all my aspirations in life?

Then I realized that what God is giving me, the gift of servitude to Him is the greatest dream Β in this world. My heart belongs to such dream, deep into the depths of my heart I want to serve God, I did not know when, how and how much of myself I can give.

I realized that this is what God is talking about when He called me to Love. Love is sacrifice, of giving oneself for another.

But I cannot give anything I do not have. So all these days passed, He kept on embracing me and filling me with His immense warm love, so that I would learn to love myself, and as a result learn to love others genuinely.

So what does it take to love others genuinely?

God is asking me to follow Him, His Light, His Words, than follow my pride where He knows I would lose in the end even if I win.

He knows that when I lose myself in Him, I will gain everything through Him.

He loves me, so He gives me pain and failures to shape me, to mold me to become the person I told Him I want to become: His instrument of Love.

Oh Lord, Jesus Christ.


Please guide me to the right path.

Guide me so that I will always work and walk in faith, hope and love.


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