God I submit to you


Oh Lord, almighty Father.

Thank you for my life. Thank you for being always with me, no matter what happened. Your love is never ending, never failing. Your love sustains me day and night, each hour, each second. My body breathes in and out the air that you created. And my soul longs after the love that only you can give.

Your unconditional Love sustains me.

My spirit wants to be enveloped by Your Love. It yearns to be embraced tight by Your Grace.

My heart leaps at the sound of Your Word, and my mind brightens at the sight of Your Light.

You complete every cell, and every part of my being. Without You, I feel nothing. And With You, I feel great, empowered, loved, and important. You died for me that I may live. And did not think that I deserve such kind of love because I am sinful, my heart is filled with impurities. But Your Love makes the impurest water pure, so as Your Love make me deserving of all these Grace.

You were right, You never left me. Not once that you ever released my hand from your grip. It is I who fails you, who always fall into temptation, to sin, and trespasses. But You never judged, You held onto me, You believed and always will trust that I can manage to get over darkness, as long as I have you in me.

People break me, situations disappoint me, things frustrate me. But You remained faithful, despite me turning my back against You.

When I close my eyes, my heart yearns to hold your hands and see Your face, and hold You close. I want to kiss those holes on your hands, the piece of Love that has saved me from eternal suffering.

Remind me Lord that my sufferings here on earth are made to mold me as Your child. I am Your child, my Lord Jesus Christ.

You are my rock, my fortress, my everything. There is nowhere in this world I would rather be but by Your side. You carry me, especially when I can no longer walk. You loved me first, even before I was born. And You loved me even more as I have grown to be Your Child who am now. A child whose brokenness and wounds were healed through You and by You.

Let me hold Your hand as we walk side by side around this paradise of Love. Do not let me go. Let me dwell in Your Love, Your Grace.

Please always Live in Me, so that I may Live this Life according to your will.

Please help me to no longer sin, as I want to Live my Life in obedience to Your will. I no longer want to be a slave of sin, but a child in obedience.

Humble me, Teach Me, Fill Me with Your Almighty Love.

I ought to live my life in obedience to You, not to work or pay my way to Salvation, but to perform my mission that You sent me to do.

I want to Love how You want me to Love. I want to Give how You want me to Give. I want to receive Your Love how You want me to receive Your Love. I want to receive Your Grace how You want me to receive.

Use me as Your instrument of Your Love. Use me as Your message. Use me to glorify Your Name, and that Your Greatness may be made known to Your Children.

I know that you have granted me free will and wisdom. And I freely desire to offer my Life to You completely.

Tell me, how can I offer my Life to You and Your works?

How can I serve You the way You deserved to be served? How can I obey You the way You deserved to be obeyed?

My heart, my mind, my body, my soul, my strength, my everything desires to worship You, my only Lord, my Father, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit, My One God Almighty and All Powerful Abba.

Aking Ama, turuan mo akong magmahal, turuan mo akong magpakumbaba, turuan mo akong tuparin ang Iyong kalooban.


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