What does it take?

What does it take to walk in faith? What does it take to love? What does it take to succeed? Loving your failures means accepting yourself. Accepting your reality, your present. And believing that the future is always better than today. So what does it take to walk in faith? What does it take to become an instrument of God’s love? Is God testing me, or my loyalty to Him? I do not know. But what is for sure is that He loves me more than I even loved myself. In fact He knows that I hate myself for so … Continue reading What does it take?

Here. Now.

Today, I am starting over. It took me a very long while, but here I am. Getting myself into writing again. I went to hiatus for over a year, and I almost entirely quit writing. I felt like I can’t trust anyone with my thoughts and feelings anymore. It just felt so different-in the more ‘I am so weird’ way. Truth is, I am too tired to live-  exhausted to see insincerity and mediocrity of people who only want to serve themselves. How am I supposed to go on broken? Will I ever be back on track again? Continue reading Here. Now.