The End

Hi Blog, it’s been a long time. Wala lang, gusto ko lang magpaalam. You’ve been such a wonderful companion to me throughout these past few years, ikaw at si ayafood blog. Kaya lang I would have to say good bye na sayo eh, katulad ng pag good bye ko sa ayafood dati nung na heartbroken ako. HAHA I can say kasi marami nang nagbago ngayon; hindi na ako yung dating “ako” masyado… although ako parin naman ito. gulo ba? hahaha. BASTA. Para kasing ano… bagong stage na ito ng buhay ko. Mula sa topics of “being in love” ko sa … Continue reading The End

INFJ Struggles With The Modern World

Originally posted on You Should See My Scars:
? So, I was doing some INFJ reading today and I came across a site that talked about how INFJ’s will struggle with the modern workplace.  The quote that really got me was: “INFJ women and men don’t perform well in modern corporate settings. They are sensitive and often altruistic. Such attributes don’t get rewarded in the rat race.” And then it went on to give a list of some careers that INFJ’s would hate.  Some of them were things like: 1. Marketing 2. Sales 3. Advertising And this makes sense.  These… Continue reading INFJ Struggles With The Modern World

Blurry sky

Have you ever felt it? Like you want to be with somebody badly, and wish to spend every freaking time with that person yet you can’t? No I’m not talking about the distance here. I’m not even talking about the lack of time.  You can’t be with him because you might be at the losing end of this battle. You might be fighting alone. He might not feel strongly for you the way you do for him.  You can’t be with him because life broke you and you don’t want him to do the fixing. You want to fix yourself.  … Continue reading Blurry sky

Kaya ko ba?

So eto na naman tayo sa random inner monologue (na hindi na masyadong inner kasi sinulat ko na dito 😂 ). Kaya ko kaya? Kaya ko na ba ngayon? I’m at the turning point in my life kung saan abot-kamay ko na yung isa sa mga bagay na pangarap kong gawin pero I am starting to doubt myself again. I am facing the biggest risk I have ever faced in my entire 25 yrs of existence, and yes my life literally depends on it. 😐 I may have failed many times in the past but this one I cannot allow … Continue reading Kaya ko ba?

Happy Birthday

Dear one, Before the next day begins, I want to tell you this… I’m in awe at how you managed to pass the first quarter of life still breathing- and for that, congratulations! I may no longer recognize you as that girl who used to beam with positivity and idealisms, but know that I am proud of you for at least trying to make things work as long as you can. No- those failures, frustrations and heartbreak cannot defeat you. Believe that you can overcome any illness and obstacles that bound to stop you from finding and achieving your purpose … Continue reading Happy Birthday

Why Miriam Santiago is my President

It took me a while to evaluate the candidates, but it was worth it. Finally I am deciding with all confidence, that Miriam is my President. Truth is that from the announcement of their candidacies, I had thought that Miriam would be the most competent among the five. But I was half-hearted for several reasons: Her health condition. Her choice of running-mate. A chance to look into what the other candidates can offer, before deciding. On the other hand, let me tell you why despite above concerns, I went back to Miriam. First, she may be suffering from a critical … Continue reading Why Miriam Santiago is my President